Warp + Weft

Size-inclusive men’s and women’s denim clothing

Warp + Weft is a clothing company focused on creating men’s and women’s denim clothing in a sustainable manner. Launched in 2017, Warp + Weft offers a variety of sizes and styles with the goal of “creating the best sustainable denim in the world.”


The environmental practices at Warp + Weft are very good compared to others in the denim industry. The company website includes details of every step in the production process, from responsible sourcing of cotton, to utilizing one of the cleanest dye processes available, to a finishing process that uses nearly 99% less water than others. Warp + Weft also utilizes a heat recovery system and an in-house water treatment plant that allows the company to reduce and reuse as much water and energy as possible.

Social Responsibility:

Warp + Weft offers very little information regarding labor conditions and practices. The company website includes no information about supply chain tracking or expectations, and there is no Code of Conduct available that details labor conditions. The only information provided on the company website states that they are “committed to ethical practices, fair wages, reasonable hours, and positive working conditions.” However, the company does have partnerships with two charitable organizations, No Kid Hungry and Charity:Water. Warp + Weft offers customers the ability to donate to both of these organizations directly from their website, and promises to match customer donations dollar for dollar.


Warp + Weft offers transparency into its production process, but little else. The company website includes a detailed step-by-step explanation of the manufacturing process, as well as the steps being taken to create eco-friendly products and reduce waste. However, there is very little transparency regarding labor. The company does not publish information about the supply chain, nor does it supply a copy of its Code of Conduct for suppliers.


Warp + Weft does not hold any environmental or workplace certifications. However, the company states that they are compliant with the International Social and Environmental & Quality Standards.

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