Environmentally-friendly, zero-waste women’s clothing

Tonlé is a women’s clothing producer focused on fashion justice and redefining the norms of a fashion industry that produces excess waste and creates wealth for a select few while exploiting others.


Tonlé is very transparent about its zero waste process. Fabrics are selected from remnant markets, where high quality materials deemed unfit for industrial production are sent. Materials are then hand cut with a focus on using every piece regardless of small defects. Clothing is then hand-woven in partnership with Weaves of Cambodia, a weaving collective that pays fair wages and supports a healthy working environment. Tonlé then uses natural, non-toxic dyes and cast off zippers and other notions to complete production. Products are then packaged in 100% recycled bags and other eco-friendly materials.

Social Responsibility:

Tonlé ensures that workers are paid a fair wage. The company blog has detailed information regarding pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, Tonlé paid workers on time and in full. Tonlé also promotes fair employment practices as a member of Remake, which calls on large corporations to treat employees fairly. The company has also made social commitments in the form of the Circular Fashion Commitment, as well as attempts to move to solar power and fundraisers to plant trees throughout Cambodia.


Tonlé is an extremely transparent company. Their company transparency page has many links to blog posts regarding certifications, company ownership, labor and pay, supply chain, and more. This page also includes testimonials from a client and former operations manager. The company’s website also has detailed information on the production process, thoughts on fashion justice, the company’s visions and values, and more.


Tonlé is a certified benefit corporation in the state of California, but holds no other certifications. The company is transparent on this matter, stating that B-Corp certification is a costly process that the company currently does not have the funds to attain.

Additional Resources:

Tonlé transparency/accountability page and blog posts


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