The Ethically Pledge

When we set out to build Ethically, we wanted to help people be more sustainable in their everyday life. Through that journey, we have learned a few things. 

  • People want to be more sustainable but often do not know where to start 
  • Lifestyle change and systemic change are two sides of the same coin
  • Small changes, when done together, can make a big impact

That’s why we created the Ethically pledge, to make it easy to start your sustainable lifestyle by making one small, consistent change every day. 

This small change will not only create a big impact in and of itself but you will also become more aware, ask more questions and take on bigger changes as you get comfortable with being a sustainably conscious individual. 

Who knows, the next Greta Thunberg could be starting with this pledge. One small action is how I started and now I have dedicated all of my waking hours to changing systems, honestly, I even dream about sustainability too.

Take the pledge with us, and we will donate $1 to the Clean Air Task Force for each pledger. Let’s turn small actions into big dollars.  

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