Plaine Products

Reusable & refillable personal care products

Plaine products sells personal care products in reusable and fillable containers with a goal of reducing single use plastics. Plaine’s products are also vegan, and use 100% natural ingredients, along with being cruelty-free.


Plaine Products is a very environmentally friendly company. The company demonstrates eco-friendliness in a variety of ways. Plaine’s main focus is on the circular economy, and its business model featuring reusable and refillable bottles reflects this. The company also demonstrates carbon neutrality. Plaine uses eco-friendly materials in production, including 100% recycled packaging and all-natural product ingredients.

Social Responsibility:

While the company does not publish a great deal of information regarding labor practices, Plaine Products is involved with a number of nonprofits with the mission of reducing waste around the world and eliminating single-use plastics. Some of the company’s partners include UPSTREAM, Beyond Plastics, and Leaping Bunny. Plaine’s Leaping Bunny certification also demonstrates the company’s dedication to cruelty-free products.


Plaine Products is very transparent regarding sustainability. The company website includes yearly sustainability reports dating back to 2017. The company’s certifications also show transparency regarding waste and carbon neutrality. Plaine is very transparent about product ingredients and the circular process, with videos about each topic on the company website. However, Plaine Products does not include information about labor practices or conditions on the company website.


Plaine Products holds a number of certifications. Plaine is a Certified B Corporation, as well as being PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan, WBENC Certified (Women-owned), Made in America, and a member of We Are Neutral (carbon neutral), 1% for the Planet, and the Plastic Pollution Coalition. These certifications and affiliations are all testaments to the company’s dedication to eco-friendliness and cruelty-free products.

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