Clothing and bedding company with sustainable focus

Pact produces men’s and women’s cotton clothing, as well as cotton bedding and bath sets. The company is dedicated to using organic materials, treating workers fairly, and minimizing waste with the ultimate goal of being “Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company.”


The materials used in production at Pact are much more environmentally friendly than typical cotton clothing manufacturers. The use of organic cotton drastically reduces chemical waste and water usage. Pact also encourages customers to send used clothing (including other brands) back to the company so they can be recycled or repurposed. However, Good on You notes that the company includes no information regarding the reduction of textile waste. While the company does heavily use animal products, they do use wool in production.

Social Responsibility:

While Pact is Fair Trade Certified, they do not include detailed information about employee rights or the supply chain. The company also sources much of its labor from countries with an extreme risk for labor abuse. However, Pact has made large donations to social causes in the past, including donations of over $10,000 to Whole Planet Foundation and Good Textiles Foundation. The company also hosts a blog page that includes tips for implementing more sustainable fashion.


Pact offers limited transparency regarding labor and manufacturing processes. The company website includes little information beyond a description of the organic cotton used in production and the Fair Trade standards present in their supply chain. The company does not include a Code of Conduct on their website, and they provide no extra information regarding waste minimization.


Pact’s factories are Fair Trade certified and meet the Global Organic Textile Standards. This means that Pact’s workshops are free of sweatshop conditions and child labor, and workers are paid a fair and living wage in a clean environment.

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