Outdoorsy, sustainable men’s and women’s clothing

Outerknown is a clothing brand providing men’s and women’s outdoors fashion wear with a focus on creating quality products through a sustainable production process


The environmental rating of Outerknown is extremely high due to the company’s use of eco-friendly materials and dedication to waste reduction. 90% of materials used by Outerknown are organic, recycled, or regenerative. The company also offers to repair, replace, or recycle all used clothing to keep it out of landfills. While Outerknown does have an excellent environmental reputation, the company uses wool and exotic animal hair in production, and includes only one brief statement regarding animal welfare in the company Code of Conduct.

Social Responsibility:

While Outerknown sources much of its labor to countries with high risk for labor abuse, its FLA accreditation ensures that workers are provided a living wage in a safe working environment. The company is also partnered with Fair Trade USA, which provides employees in the supply chain with additional payments from Outerknown, gaurenteeing they are given a living wage. The Outerknown Code of Conduct also covers the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms, which abolish child labor, eliminate discrimination, ban forced labor, and provide collective bargaining.


Outerknown includes a great deal of transparency on the company website. The company includes a full list of suppliers on their website, as well as details regarding the recycled materials used in production. Additionally, the company includes their “Plan for the Planet” through 2030, which details plans to embrace circularity, champion fair labor standards, and more.


Outerknown holds Fair Labor Association accreditation, and was the first brand ever to pursue accreditation before ever shipping products. This accreditation ensures that workers are paid fairly and employed in safe and healthy conditions.

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