Mata Traders

Ethical fashion company with fair trade practices

Mata Traders is a fashion company with the goal of ending global poverty and inspiring consumers to help change the fashion industry. The company implements fair trade practices in an effort to bring fair wages to its artisans.


The environmental impact and production process used by Mata Traders is not well documented or communicated by the company. The company website includes details of the hand-making process that occurs in the creation of Mata Traders’ products, including handmade jewelry and hand embroidery, but Good On You states that the company provides no evidence of minimizing textile waste or implementing waste reduction initiatives. The company website does include a blog that features many articles pertaining to sustainability, but the company itself is not transparent about their own sustainability practices.

Social Responsibility:

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Mata Traders follows a set of principles that promote fair and ethical treatment of employees and artisans. The company aims to empower its artisans by providing services, education, and fair wages. Mata Traders is very transparent about workforce practices, and the company’s fair trade philosophy page includes the company’s principles and stories from artisans. However, Mata Traders does not participate in any other social or societal programs besides what is implemented within the company.


Mata Traders provides a great deal of transparency regarding labor practices and fair trade, but lacks transparency regarding production and waste. As a member of the FTF, Mata Traders commits to forming transparent relationships with employees and artisans, and the company website features many stories detailing how fair trade practices empower artisans.


Mata Traders is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, meaning that they are fully committed to a list of principles relating to fair employment practices and ethical treatment of employees, artisans, and children.

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