Grove Collaborative

Ethical household cleaner and personal care products

Grove Collaborative is a manufacturer and marketplace for environmentally friendly household products. The company website includes over 150 brands that offer non-toxic, cruelty-free, and sustainable products. Grove also offers its own products on the website, with a personal focus on using only safe ingredients, reducing plastic use, and offsetting carbon emissions from the manufacturing process.


Grove Collaborative is dedicated to making and marketing products that are better for the planet. Every product sold on the website meets the company standards for non-toxicity, sustainability, and cruelty-free. Grove also upholds these standards in their own products, with a focus on plant-based materials rather than chemicals. The company is currently plastic neutral, recycling the same amount of plastic they sell. Grove has also implemented a plan to become 100% plastic free by 2025. All packing materials used by the company are sustainable and recyclable.

Social Responsibility:

In both their own company and partner companies, Grove Collaborative requires ethical business practices and transparent supply chains. Grove includes their Supply Chain Transparency agreement on their website, but does not include a Code of Conduct on the site. Grove is also extremely conscientious about animal cruelty, and ensures that none of its partner companies are partcipating in testing that is cruel to animals.


Grove Collaborative is very transparent regarding environmental practices. The company includes ethical and manufacturing standards for all partner companies on the website and also details plans to reduce waste into the future. However, the company does not include detailed information regarding labor practices. While Grove does hold partner companies to certain labor and transparency standards, the company website does not include extensive information about these conditions.


Grove Collaborative is a Certified B Corporation, meaning that all company activities from development and testing to shipping and distribution are done with the health of the planet in mind.

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