Girlfriend Collective

Activewear brand utilizing recycled materials

Girlfriend Collective is an American activewear company with a dedication to transparency. The company is committed to an eco-friendly production process, fair treatment of employees, and creation of high quality athletic wear.


Girlfriend Collective utilizes many recycled materials in the production process. The company uses waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets to create nylon and polyester for its products. However, Good On You states that while the company does utilize recycled materials, it has taken no steps to reduce greenhouse emissions. The company also utilizes 100% recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging.

Social Responsibility:

SA8000 certification held by Girlfriend Collective guarantees that workplace conditions are held to a high standard. The company also provides workers with free meals, exercise breaks, free healthcare, and scheduled check-ups. Girlfriend Collective also supports body positivity in their product marketing. According to Eco-Stylist, Girlfriend Collective has also committed to decreasing scale in order to be more environmentally friendly. Overall, the company has a great reputation for producing quality athletic apparel that lasts longer than less eco-friendly alternatives.


Girlfriend Collective is very transparent in all aspects of its business. The company’s “About” page features detailed questions about eco-friendliness, production methods, and workplace conditions. The company also provides important information on the traceability of the materials they use. Girlfriend Collective is very transparent in regard to labor as well, and they include all principles of the SA8000 certification on their webpage, as well as additional steps they have taken to promote a sustainable workplace


Girlfriend Collective holds a certification from Social Accountability International (SA8000).This certification ensures that certain workforce principles such as fair wages, safe working conditions, the right to unionize, and no forced or child labor are upheld. The company holds these certifications at each facility and is audited regularly to ensure compliance.

Additional Resources:

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