Target sub-brand offering sustainable cleaning products

Everspring is a sustainable cleaning product brand offered exclusively in Target stores. The brand markets their cleaning products as sustainable alternatives to traditional cleaning products, utilizing natural fragrances, 100% recycled paper, recycled plastics, and compostable products.


The products manufactured under the Everspring are environmentally friendly. The product bottles and sprayers are 100% recyclable. Additionally, multi-surface wipes are compostable and all paper products are 100% recycled. All fragrances are natural, and none of the products contain harmful chemicals.


While Everspring products are good for the environment, Target does not disclose a great deal of information regarding waste or labor. There is no separate company website on the internet, and information about the supply chain or labor practice for Everspring products is not disclosed online.


Everspring is marketed on the Target website as being Target Clean. This icon signifies that Everspring products are manufactured without any chemicals included on Target’s “unwanted chemical” list. Many of Everspring’s products are also given Target’s cruelty-free, biodegradable, paraben free, and bio based icons.

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