Modern men’s and women’s clothing made from recycled materials

Everlane is a modern fashion company providing eco-friendly men’s and women’s clothing options. The company focuses on utilizing recycled materials to reduce waste. However, according to Good on You, the company falls short of being truly sustainable, as it earns a rating of Not Good Enough.


Everlane advertises as an eco-friendly fashion company, and their website includes a great deal of information about environmental initiatives. The company has a plan to reduce carbon emissions and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Additionally, the company has begun an initiative to eliminate the use of virgin plastic in production. Everlane has also made commitments to using organic cotton and utilizing a more clean denim process. The company also focuses heavily on recycled materials, utilizing recycled wool, cashmere, and plastic to create many of its clothing items and encouraging customers to send back used products to be recycled or reused.

Social Responsibility:

While Everlane does publish some information about labor practices, there are still concerns. The company website includes detailed information about factory certifications and ownership. However, much of Everlane’s labor is sourced from countries with an extreme risk for labor abuse, and the company’s Vendor Code of Conduct is vague in regards to collective bargaining and workers’ rights. Everlane also uses various materials sourced from animals, including leather and exotic animal hair. While the company also has a statement it requires vendors to sign regarding animal rights, it does not have a formal animal welfare policy.


The company is very transparent about environmental practices on its website. With detailed information about initiatives and practices, Everlane demonstrates that they are committed to creating a cleaner environment. Everlane also has a great deal of labor transparency, including direct access to a factory certification information. The company does publish a Vendor Code of Conduct on its website.


Everlane and its factories hold a variety of certifications. Everlane factories hold certifications, including LEED, which ensures that factories are reducing energy consumption. The company also holds a variety of material certifications such as GOTS Organic Cotton and Cradle to Cradle, which both demonstrate a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices in production.

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