How to guide
Ethically Tutorial

Chrome Extension

Signup - Click the puzzle piece on your toolbar, pin the extension, click the ethically logo and click signup.

After sign up you will be prompted to choose your values. Choose as many or as little as you'd like.

Visit Amazon and start shopping like normal.

When you click on a product and go to its individual page,  you will see a highlighted box with alternatives that are matched to your values. Click the name of the alternative company to be taken to their website.

“Is this a relevant alternative for you?” - this will help us improve your personal alternatives.

Shop Normally

Visit your favorite shopping platform or websites.

Click the Ethically icon to see the company score, certifications and alternatives.

Click “Your Values” to change or add personal values to customize shopping experience.

Click “Pick a product category” to select a specific categorized alternative.

Chose a company from list populated from category selection.

The “Provide feedback” tool will help you let us know how we can improve the product for you.