Eileen Fisher

Women’s clothing maker focused on circularity

Eileen Fisher is a women’s clothing and accessory manufacturer that employs circularity processes and recycled materials in production to create quality fashion products.


Eileen Fisher employs circularity and recycling programs that promote the reuse of old clothing items, keeping materials such as cashmere, nylon, and polyester out of landfills. The Renew program facilitates the resale or repurpose of used clothing in an effort to “Waste No More”. The company also uses a product called Tencel™ Lyocell, which they are implementing as a replacement to viscose. Eileen Fisher also uses healthier dyes that consist of less chemicals and reduce water and energy use. However, Eileen Fisher still uses exotic animal skin, angora, and fur in some products.

Social Responsibility:

As a company with SA8000 certification in its factories, Eileen Fisher maintains standards that ensure workers are paid a fair wage and health and safety standards are maintained. According to Good On You, the company has also begun an initiative to increase pay throughout its supply chain. However, few of these standards or initiatives are included on the company’s website. The company is also part of the Women Together program, which provides women around the world with a livestream experience to share their opinions, uplift each other, and draw on the strength and compassion of others.


Eileen Fisher includes a great deal of transparency on their website, including information about material selection, recycling, and supply chain as well as some minimal information regarding working conditions. Numerous sections on these topics include articles that provide additional information about the sustainability practices employed by the company.


Eileen Fisher is a certified B-Corp, and is committed to transparency as well as social and environmental sustainability. The company also has SA8000 certification in its factories, ensuring workers are given a certain standard for rights in the workplace.

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