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Coyuchi sells household goods including bedding and as well as select men’s and women’s clothing. The company is known for their luxurious organic cotton and their efforts to use sustainable materials in the production process.


Coyuchi earns a favorable rating for their environmental sustainability. The company uses organic cotton in production, limiting the amount of chemicals and wastewater created in production. Coyuchi also utilizes a circularity program called 2nd Home, which finds a home for used Coyuchi products, decreasing waste. However, Good on You notes that while the use of organic cotton limits wastewater, the company has not taken any initiative to limit textile waste in the manufacturing process.

Social Responsibility:

There is little information regarding the Coyuchi supply chain on their website. Coyuchi’s Fair Trade certification implies that the company is utilizing traceable and transparent suppliers that are paying employees a living wage and providing a safe working environment. However, Good on You notes that much of Coyuchi’s labor is sourced to countries with a high risk of labor abuse. While Coyuchi vows that workers are being treated fairly, they provide no evidence of this on the company website.


The Coyuchi website offers limited transparency regarding production and impact. The Impact page includes blog posts about general sustainability, but does not include information regarding the company’s actions. Although the company is Fair Trade certified, they do not include a Code of Conduct on their website, nor do they include information regarding their suppliers. The company does offer some transparency regarding material selection and recycling, from the selection of organic cotton to the company’s circularity program, 2nd Home


Coyuchi holds a number of certifications and manufacturing standards. These include the Global Organic Textile Standard, Global Organic Latex Standard, MADE SAFE seal, and Fair Trade certification. These certifications cover a wide range of activities, and are an example of Coyuchi’s dedication to sustainability. Coyuchi is also a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, donating to nonprofit environmental organizations each year.

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