P&G vs. Unilever, is there a good choice?

Walk into any grocery store in your neighborhood, and you will undoubtedly find products owned by Unilever and Proctor & Gamble (P&G). As two of the most prominent multinational FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) goods companies in the world, they are the home staples you’ve never heard of, and without a doubt, you rely on atContinue reading “P&G vs. Unilever, is there a good choice?”

Shein and the underbelly of fast fashion

Now the largest online-only fashion brand globally, Shein (she-in) is ubiquitous with the term fast-fashion – inexpensive clothing produced en masse in response to the latest trends. With most items selling for under $15.00, they sell some of the most affordable clothing out there in over 220 countries. In 2020 they became the most talked-aboutContinue reading “Shein and the underbelly of fast fashion”

5 Must-Have Items for the Sustainable Student

Stepping into college life is like stepping into a new version of yourself. You get to try new things, surround yourself with new people, and explore who you are without the influences of home. One of those ways for the mindful college student is purchasing items for your space that speak to your values. ToContinue reading “5 Must-Have Items for the Sustainable Student”

10 Netflix Movies for the College Conservationist

Editor’s note: If you love these movies, you should check out Ethically, a new chrome extension that is the fastest way to shop sustainably on the internet. You can download it for free here.  Now… on to the show(s)! David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet The voice of nature, David Attenborough, is a belovedContinue reading “10 Netflix Movies for the College Conservationist”

Recycling Part 2: Bringing our trash in house

A huge focus in personal sustainability is minimizing unnecessary purchases and waste. In reality, we know that there are a lot of challenges to this. Not everyone has access to grocery stores with bulk bins or the socioeconomic means to purchase longer-lasting products. So on the other end of the scale, we have recycling…right? Well,Continue reading “Recycling Part 2: Bringing our trash in house”

How to tell that a brand is “Greenwashing”

So what is greenwashing? The term was originally coined over 40 years ago in the 1980s by Environmentalist Jay Westerveld to describe companies that were making false claims and overstating the environmental or ethical benefits of their services or products. Greenwashing is the practice of marketing products in a way that convinces consumers that aContinue reading “How to tell that a brand is “Greenwashing””

9 simple changes you can make to shop smarter today

Stopping and reversing the adverse effects of climate change is a collective challenge we will have to face together. Still, there are many things we can do on an individual level to lessen our footprint as well as signal to companies what we want in a more sustainable future.  Avoid impulse purchases According to theContinue reading “9 simple changes you can make to shop smarter today”