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Cruelty Free + Minimal Waste Products on a Budget

Bee's Wrap

Bee’s Wrap, source:

If you are anything like us, you would like to be a better consumer but you are always fighting budget and time constraints. Here is a quick list of items that are not only cruelty-free and minimal plastic but also a great deal. In the long run these will help you save money.

  • Paper Towels by Kitchen + Home Store: This is for the people that don't yet want to give up normal paper towels. Maybe the savings will convince you? $9.99 for the equivalent of 6 months of paper towels.
  • Qtips by Last Swab: Produce no more cotton swab waste with these Last Swabs for $11.95, One is equivalent to the price of 2 boxes.
Last Swab

Last Swab, source:

  • Razor by Henson Shaving: This Canadian brand really takes the cake. Did you know the average person spends X on disposable razors? This one costs $70 and will last a lifetime (comes with a lifetime guarantee). You only have to buy blades and they are each $0.25.
  • Toothbrush by Boonboo: These are probably the most affordable bamboo toothbrush we have found. 4 for $7! You can replace them every six months and not feel bad.
  • Plastic Wrap Alternatives by Bee's wrap: Turn any container without a top into a functional container. Each wrap lasts about a year and all you have to do is rinse and air dry to clean. These come in packs of 3 for $18.99.
Henson Shaving

Henson Shaving, source:

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