Our definition of sustainable is good for people and good for the planet. We will give you the 411 on what Method does well and maybe where they could use a little improvement. We will start with their mission.

“We believe in using business to solve social and environmental problems, and as we grow, our goal is to magnify the benefit we can bring to people and the planet.

In Ethically language, they care about:

  • Low Impact
  • Cruelty Free
  • Reducing Waste
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Transparency
  • Supporting Community

Let's see how they measure up

Low Impact

  • Their products utilize non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients meant to be safe for people and the planet. The formulations contain between 95-99% renewable ingredients
  • Their office space is LEED certified but it is unclear what level of certification they have achieved
  • LEED Platinum soap factory


  • Method is certified both by leaping bunny and PETA meaning that they do not depend on animal testing nor do they use animal by-products

Reducing Waste Initiatives

Reducing Carbon Emissions initiatives

  • Soap factory which is responsible for manufacturing and distribution is located in USA reducing the shipping emissions
  • Soap factory is powered by wind and solar energy but we do not know how much of the factory's power comes from renewable energy
  • 1/3rd of US shipments are made using biodiesel fueled trucks emitting up to 20% less carbon and air pollutants than typical trucks
  • What they are not able to reduce, they cover by investing in carbon offsets

Supporting Community

  • Their Soap factory is located in the USA when there are opportunities to manufacture more economically outside of the USA . For those that don't know, Pullman District is on the south side of Chicago.
  • Gotham Greens, an agriculture company, has taken over 75,000 square feet of their roof to create a commercial-scale greenhouse. The Gotham Greens greenhouse produces about 500 tons of fresh, premium quality, pesticide-free produce annually for the local community and surrounding retail and restaurant market.
  • Employees spend 3 days a year volunteering in their local community 

Relevant certifications

  • B Corp
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Leaping Bunny Cruelty-free
  • PETA cruelty-free
  • LEED Certified
  • US EPA's SmartWay

From other blogs, there does seem to be concern that Method Home's practices will be compromised given the change in ownership in 2017. While SC Johnson is making an effort to be more sustainable, they are a conventional company not founded on the more purpose driven values in which Method Home was.  

We would love to know

  • How much of their energy usage comes from wind and solar?
  • Do they have plans to adopt science based emissions targets?
  • What is the percentage of carbon emissions that are offset vs minimized?

What else would you love to know?

Information was pulled from google searches, website and impact report