SCS Global Services act mainly as third party auditors for a range of different industries. Alongside companies, NGO's and stakeholders across different industries, they've helped set environmental standards since 1984. With over 30 years of experience, they help calculate and validate a companies' carbon footprint in order for them to be able to purchase the necessary Carbon Offsets to achieve carbon neutrality. 

As we know, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction is one of our modern world's main challenges, and as much as we would like the GHG emissions to be cut straight from the source, reality has demonstrated that is not quite possible yet, but with the help of carbon offsetting we might make it happen just in time. 

We have mapped SCS Carbon Neutral to:

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Protecting Ecosystems

SCS Carbon Neutral certifies:

  • Companies
  • Products
  • Suppliers & Manufacturers 

Cost to get certified:

The costs vary according to each company's size and required assessment, as well as the complexity in developing their own personal Carbon Management Plan.

Costs on Carbon Offsets or Carbon Credits may vary according to each credit's market.

Do they perform audits on the companies:

Yes, they do robust data gathering in order to determine each company's carbon footprint.

PAS 2060 requires you to provide a publicly available documentation packet that includes a Carbon Footprint Report, Carbon Management Plan, and Qualifying Explanatory Statements (declaration of achievement of neutrality). These documents report your carbon footprint, outline your carbon emissions reduction strategy, and describe the steps you are taking to offset any remaining carbon emissions.The certification process must be verified annually.

Are their standards detailed on their website:

Yes, and they can be found in this document.


They've declared themselves that “All Certification Bodies working on the environmental field must necessarily tackle controversial issues on a regular basis.” Whilst not having controversies directly related to the carbon neutrality program or auditing, the SCS has been involved in scandals such as the one concerningPalm Oil production in Sierra Leone.

Ethically's quick take:

We strongly agree with SCS as a carbon neutral certification and as an auditor and collaborator for carbon offset projects and management. Whilst we may not strongly agree with SCS in its entirety of practices, they are currently considered by many to be the best verification company for carbon offset projects.