This is definitely one of our favorites. The straightforwardness of its name says it all. No fancy branding, no misconceiving names or terms, no mischievous acronyms hiding crooked info; this group of scientists want nothing but to literally protect our land and seas. Yes, you read that right, this certification, which is 100% non-profit by the way, is run by scientists. Having no conflict of interest whatsoever obstructing them from the truth, these scientists run tests at HEL (Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, yeah, pretty bad-ass). Utilizing analytical-forensic techniques to verify that a product is free of any chemicals listed on what they call “The HEL LIST”, they test for chemicals that range from outright environmental disruptors to “Endocrine disruptors”, which means they are sometimes hard to perceive even for manufacturers, but will slowly and surely cause harm to the environment and to humans as well. So yes, they do go far deep into research when it comes to certifying a product, this means that when a product bears (proudly) the turtle seal from this certification, you can be rest assured that the product does not contain any ingredients that may be harmful environmental pollutants.

We have mapped Protect Land + Sea Certification to:

  • Protecting Ecosystems/Low Impact
  • Supporting Community

Protect Land + Sea Certifies:

  • Products

Cost to get certified:

Although they do mention an application fee, it is not listed on their website. Further information is given upon contact at .

Do they perform audits on companies:

They do not perform audits on companies, they only test products, but you can be rest assured they do some pretty serious and rigorous testing on them. You can have a preview on their testing process right here.

Standards listed on their website

Yes, they’re basically staying away from the HEL LIST, which you can find herealong with further certification information.