The OCS, or Organic Content Standard Certification, is yet another certification led by Textile Exchange whose main objective is to increase organic agricultural production around the world. Following Textile Exchange’s standards and Chain of Custody, the OCS has been connecting companies, with the help of third party bodies of certification, with certified organic farmers so that they can collaborate in the creation of products made with organic fibers and thus communicate organically grown content claims into the customers and the market. They have been working towards this cause since 2018, and, as of 2022, this is the official list of certified companies.

We mapped Organic Content Standard certification to:

  • Protecting Ecosystems/Low Impact

The OCS certifies:

  • Companies
  • Products
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers

Cost to get certified:

Since third party bodies of certification take considerable part in this process, the prices vary according to different conditions such as country, site size, number of sites, etc. You can find a detailed breakdown in this Certification Fee Structure document provided by Textile Exchange.

Do they perform audits on companies:

Yes, they do. Through third-party bodies of certification, they do annual on-site audits for all companies or farmers applying for this certification.

Standards listed on their website

Yes, you can find the document that contains all the requirements and standards here.