So, what lies behind the famous acronym EWG we so frequently see on those green seals? The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing brands into full disclosure and transparency about their products and the chemicals they are made up with so that consumers can be assured no harm whatsoever when consuming these products. With over 14 years of experience in product evaluation, this organization's reputation for being rigorous evaluators, thanks to their broad team of scientists, toxicologists, chemists and epidemiologists, makes them one of the most trusted certifications in the world.

We have mapped EWG certification to:

  • Protecting Ecosystems/Low Impact
  • Supporting Community
  • Safe and Fair Labor

EWG certifies:

  • Products

Cost to get certified:

Costs for certification vary widely, generally ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per year, based on factors such as company size and stage of development, pricing structure options, number and sales of EWG VERIFIED products, and related considerations. Typical fees include an application fee, evaluation fee and trademark usage royalty or annual flat fee. The evaluation fee has a cost of $250usd. The application fee has a cost of $500usd.

Do they perform audits on companies:

They do not audit companies, they test their products for hazardous chemicals.

Standards listed on their website

Yes, you can find all their standards and download their criteriahere.