B Corp started with the realization that we live in an unjust system that has prioritized short term gains over long term value, individualism over collectivism, now over the future, inequity over justice, and profit over people and planet. One of B Corp's main beliefs is that, since all economic and social systems have been created by people, they can be changed by people. But, first of all… What does the “B” stand for? That big B stands for Benefit.

Benefit for all, not just profiting the few. At B Corp, they strive towards very concrete goals, like changing the concept of extraction into the concept of regeneration, individualism into interdependence, or the concentration of wealth and power into the assurance of equity.

But how exactly are they working their way into these changes? Through their standards and tools, like the B Lab or Sistema B , they enable companies all around the world to improve their social and environmental impact. They certify and engage with businesses that meet their standards, they help develop public policies, they steward communities and collective action, and in general, they try to use business as a force for good.

We have mapped B Corp to:

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Reducing Waste
  • Protecting Ecosystems
  • Empowering Animal Rights
  • Empowering Human Rights
  • Supporting Community

B Corp certifies:

  • Companies
  • Products & Manufacturers

Cost to get certified:

Their certification fee structure, which is set according to each company's gross annual revenue, can be found here along with some other details.

Do they perform audits on the companies:

Yes, information about your operations, structure, and various work processes will be required as well as a review of potential public complaints and possible site visits. Recertification confirms these standards continue to be met on an ongoing basis.

Standards listed on their website:

Yes, you can find information about their standards here.


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